Weiland Rechtsanwälte has existed in Hamburg since 1971. In the year 2000, the office in Paris was founded. Currently, the team at Weiland Rechtsanwälte consists of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, professional employees, insolvency specialists and other highly qualified technical staff members. The firm offers a comprehensive realm of consultation in all areas of law with a particular emphasis placed on the field of commercial law. Just about all of the partners have operational experience in business enterprises, supervisory boards, management, etc. Thus, you’ll not encounter any theory that is free of practical experience. Our clients include individuals, sole proprietors and small businesses that exist in legal commercial and corporation forms. Other activities include advisory services for starting up companies, reorganizations, liquidations, and the implementation of temporary management, negotiations with partners and most especially with banks.

Consulting 86 GmbH has been up and running since 1998 and primarily assists mid-sized companies in all matters of construction, further development and the ongoing management of complex IT systems. Ten employees serve over 200 clients in the regional area of Hamburg.

The provided performance profile ranges from the actual analysis to establishing new IT solutions to the selection and implementation of new information systems. As such, the Consulting 86 GmbH is a universal IT service provider.

The HST Hanse Stiftungs Treuhand GmbH Foundation is a team of experienced specialists and partners in the field of philanthropic foundations with many years of operational experience in creating foundations, foundation management, and the investment of foundational assets. Donors and foundations are also offered all activities belonging to one foundation, even within the administration, from a single source.

In enhancing the legal, economic and tax consulting services we provide for our clients, the RESET Consultants AG also conducts operational tasks in close cooperation with the DMP Taxation and Auditing firm and Attorney’s Office of Dr. Weiland and Partner.Operational corporate rehabilitation with and for shareholders, banks and participation in a company’s management over a course of time all belong to the relevant areas of activity at the RESET Consultants AG.

Founded in 1993, DMP Steuerberatungsgesellschaft GmbH (In the past ALCOR Steuerberatung GmbH) serves individuals as well as single and medium-sized enterprises in the field of wage and salary accounting, financial accounting and the preparation of financial statements (in addition to required tax returns).

The managing directors are Messrs. Accountant/Tax Advisor Ingo Möller and Tax Advisor Michael Neelsen.