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Our services

Taxation, Auditing and Management Consulting

As a company specialized in taxation and auditing, we conduct the legally stipulated and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated accounts – regardless of what type of corporation you run. With that, we dispose of special industry-specific knowledge and experience in the fields of wholesale and foreign trade, services and the concerns of voluntary organizations and foundations.

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Legal and Tax Consultation

The need for tax advice has become increasingly essential for both companies and individuals. We advise on you about all areas of tax law. Our particular focus is placed on design consultancy in the areas of reorganizational tax law, business successions, inheritance tax and international tax law.

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Annual Financial Statement

The annual financial statement is of particular importance in determining assets and is also the basis for determining taxable income. We see it as our mission to ensure an optimal design set-up for your business card with respect to locating and evaluating assets and liabilities together with a minimizing your tax obligations.

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Accounting & Finance

The core area of a corporate finance department is financial accounting. We offer much more than just your classic everyday job order accounting. In addition to a correct legal accounting of your business transactions and with that, the fulfillment of commercial law and tax accounting requirements, we offer extensive additional benefits, for example, a particularly timely booking or posting in conjunction with receivables management, extensive business management analyses and the acquisition of raw data from your ERP or billing systems, all of which leads to significant time savings.

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Human Resource Management

We have a team of experts that is solely responsible for our services in the area of payroll accounting and human resources. With this focus, we can provide you with individually designed solutions for your specific requirements in addition to the classic services.

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Legal Consultation

In cooperation with the law firm of Dr. Weiland & Partner, we can offer you legal assessment and design consultancy in addition to taxation and financial expertise.

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