DATEV Mandantenfernbetreuung

In erster Linie setzen wir auf die Mandantenfernbetreuung der DATEV. Bitte folgen Sie dem Link „“ und wählen Sie dort das Kunden-Modul. Die weitere Vorgehensweise besprechen unsere Mitarbeiter mit Ihnen direkt.


For the cooperation with our clients, we make use of Teamviewer software. You can download the support module via the following links. In addition to the Windows version, we also offer you the Apple version for downloading. All further steps are then taken together with our staff.

Company Online

For a paper-free processing of our current activities in the field of financial and payroll management, we offer our clients access to “The Company Online” in the DATEV.

This portal serves as an additional platform of communication with our clients for the following purposes:

  • Full-time insight into evaluations in the areas of financial accounting, payrolls and open items
  • Provision of data, receipts, documents and other information necessary for establishing payroll or financial accounting

A prerequisite for using this portal is that you have received a DATEV smart card and its respective password from our offices.

The technical usage prerequisites on behalf of the DATEV are presented as follows:

  • C with Windows-XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows7
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Microsoft Silverlight plug-in

The usage of the portal on Apple systems may also be possible via Bootcamp or Parallels, but cannot be guaranteed. This would have to be analyzed in each individual case.

There are usually no costs involved in using the “The Company Online”. Only one card reading device needs to be acquired. And as a rule, a software installation is not required. For the provision of digital receipts, you can acquire a free form of software that heavily simplifies and accelerates the scanning and preparation process for particularly larger quantities of documents.
If you would like to use “The Company Online” in order to work with us, please contact your respective agent. We’ll be happy to establish a precise schedule that fits your requirements and assist you in the organizational and technical implementation.