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Tax Account Statements


For reasons of data protection and privacy, the tax authorities are providing less and less information per telephone. Furthermore, a fee of 3.00 EUR per page is being introduced as the price for the request for tax account statements in paper form in Hamburg. This has a significant impact on particularly our daily work in coordinating the tax accounts of our clients – especially in the business areas of sales and payroll taxes.

Instead of telephone information, the financial management is now offering electronic access to the tax account. This has now become available for the city state of Hamburg and as such, this time and money-saving option is available to us. In order to establish such access, we require the power of attorney from every client (or for each tax ID).

The prepared powers of attorney are linked as follows.

We would also like to point out at this point that registering for an electronic tax account query is dealt with differently in the individual federal states and can vary greatly. Thus, we cannot rule out that, before the procedure begins, you will receive letters from the tax authorities, which are sent because of the respective implementation in your federal state. As such, we’re referring to letters that we cannot influence or suppress. We therefore ask for your understanding in this matter.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Electronic Tax Account Statements for Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein

For the federal states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, procedures are relatively similar. In these three federal states, both the power of attorney as well as the application for registration is passed along to a central office and approved from there.

Should you wish to participate in this process, please download – depending on your residence or that of your place of business – the PDF form for your respective federal state:

Download Authorization for Hamburg Download Authorization for Niedersachsen Download Authorization for Schleswig-Holstein

You can fill out and print the PDF file right on your computer. After printing out these forms, you must still legally sign and send them to us per E-mail or postal mail.

We then direct pass the signed power of attorney documents to the financial authorities and then submit the application for registration in a timely manner. Once we have been granted access to the tax account, we will inform you of this immediately.

We will happily send you any forms that can or are to be filled out for other federal states per E-mail. Please contact your respective agent for this matter.

Notes on Signing Documents

  • In the case of marriage, a signature must be made by both spouses
  • In as much as the wife should have her own separate tax ID (separate investments or her own business), she must submit a separate application for a tax ID.
  • For companies, the CEO/board member currently registered in the commercial register must sign.
  • For companies, the company stamp should accompany the signature.

Applicability of the power of attorney when switching tax IDs:

  • BeiWhen changing tax IDs because of a move (even within the same federal state), you must provide a new power of attorney
  • Only for tax ID switches made necessary due to organizational measures at the tax authority office does the power of attorney continue to be effective

Revocation of Power of Attorney:

  • The tax authorities may be informed of a revocation of the power of attorney at any time by either one of the parties.
  • There is no automatic revocation of the power of attorney in the case of a client relationship terminating.

For the electronic tax account query, we make use of the software “Tax Account Online” from the DATEV. Via common security mechanisms found at the operating system level, the procedure is also protected by so-called smart cards. In conjunction with individual smart card passwords, this ensures a secure, encrypted form of communication when retrieving data and also an encrypted form of data storage in our IT system.

For more information on the procedure, please take a look at www.elster.de.